General Overview

Speaking about various social topics, it is important to note that every terminology and their context always depends on the culture of surrounding society. The very understanding of different terms gradually changing with a time, which influences the culture itself. Matters, that were unknown in earlier times or not enough investigated, had no appropriate attention or weren't a part of the culture at all. Therefore if to talk about marriage in the context of early European Middle Ages, then the terminology should be understood within the context of the early European Middle Ages etc. In this research the starting point is from the perspective of ancient Jews.

Wedding between two people who decided to marry each other is a derivative phenomenon from this physical world, because the two partners are also from this physical world. At the same time this physical world is governed by physical laws. For example, in particular, thermodynamics. Decomposition, entropy and molecular decay of different systems is what we observing not just in a physical bodies, but generally in everything: in relationships, in culture, in love, in friendship etc. This is because all the relationships, culture, love, friendship are in their essence same physical phenomena, since they can exist in this world only by the objects that are part of it. Therefore all these phenomena in the physical world are not possible without the very carriers of the culture, love or friendship, in particular for this context, humans. According to the laws of physics, in order to support operation of "closed systems" or at least slow their decay, the laws of thermodynamics require a constant flow of certain external energy towards any "closed systems". This way, any possible relationships, like friendship or marriage as they are derivatives from this physical world, are also same closed systems and therefore require similar certain energy for their further development. The knowing of God having created everything this way encourages people to maintain all this ecosystem in which they are living and on which they have constant influence. At the same time people, that are also a closed systems by themselves, while affecting and influencing certain objects and other systems are giving out their own energy, so they have to regain it from somewhere. In case of supporting the own body, energy is taken from food and sleep. In case of supporting friendships and relationships, the type of of the energy is different. However the principle of thermodynamics does not change: a particular energy is required in order to maintain particular object or phenomena. Without replenishing such energy, supported objects or values will deteriorate and then disintegrate. In principle, all objects and their mutual relationships in this physical world will fade, if they do not receive an appropriate external strengthening, support and cultivation. The same is valid to the relationships between people in physical and spiritual metaphor. The nature of the source, which supplies certain energy that allows us to influence circumstances, determines how and which way the surrounding ecosystem will develop. For example, an energy from secular roots will produce secular results etc. Because what man sows, is what man will reap.

Since the Universe in principle works this way, there is an obvious question: if marriage technically can be destroyed, then what exactly God provided for preventing its failure?